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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another LaRoche Rumor, This Time It's Tolerable

That's right. It's tolerable. The best thing for the Braves according to the article is this trade:

ATL gets:
P Hayden Penn
P Chris Ray
BAL gets:
1B Adam LaRoche

Now, I have said before on Braves Journal, I believe, that Hayden Penn is another Kyle Davies, and so far, he has pitched like it. But, just like Davies, Penn is said to have the tools to become a great pitcher. Chris Ray, though, would appear to have immediate impact with the Braves if he has traded to them. Last year he had an ERA+ of 166 in the American League, which is excellent. He would be almost-gaurateed closer insurance in case the good ol' veteran Bob Wickman falters.

I do not trust Scott Thorman with the first base job, which he would get automatically get if LaRoche is traded. But, I believe that the gains that Ray and even Penn would give the Braves pitching staff would offest any negative impact that Thorman has on the offense.

LaRoche for Penn and Ray. Do it.

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