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Friday, October 20, 2006


This blog my be called "Nothing but the Braves", but that won't stop me talking about baseball here, because I love baseball. And I have a lot to say. :)

The 2006 World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals against the Detroit Tigers, a rematch of 1934 and 1968, will be the biggest thing during the weekdays. I'd be willing to bet, however, that Georgia Tech vs. Clemson in college football on ESPN will clobber FOX in the ratings. I'm willing to say that because that's what I'll be watching at the Anderson (S. C.) Independent-Mail sports desk. I live in Clemson territory, but I'll be breaking out my Georgia Tech sweatshirt and cap for tomorrow, heh heh heh.

Let's discuss the 2006 World Series first.

(Playoff stats in parentheses)

Cardinals Lineup

C Yadier Molina (.333, 2, 7)
1B Albert Pujols (.324, 2, 4)
2B Ronnie Belliard (.316, 0, 4)
3B Scott Rolen (.188, 0, 0)
SS David Eckstein (.195, 1, 2)
LF Preston Wilson (.200, 0, 1)
CF Jim Edmonds (.257, 2, 6)
RF Juan Encarnacion (.222, 0, 4)
DH Scott Spiezio (.235, 0, 55)

Anthony Reyes (0-0, 4.50, 4)
Jeff Weaver (2-1, 2.16, 5)
Cris Carpenter (2-1, 3.70, 17)
Jeff Suppan (1-1, 1.86, 9)

Tigers Lineup

C Ivan Rodriguez (.172, 1, 4)
1B Carlos Guillen (.367, 1, 2)
2B Placido Polanco (.471, 0, 4)
3B Brandon Inge (.222, 1, 3)
SS Ramon Santiago (.000, 0, 0)
LF Carig Monroe (.300, 3, 7)
CF Curtis Granderson (.313, 3, 7)
RF Magglio Ordonez (.250, 3, 8)
DH Sean Casey (.350, 0, 4)

Justin Verlander (1-0, 5.91, 11)
Kenny Rogers (2-0, 0.00, 14)
Nate Robertson (1-1, 5.91, 5)
Jeremy Bonderman (1-0, 3.00, 7)

Prediction: I will say this: The Cardinals do deserve to be in the World Series because they earned it. They clobbered the Padres, as they should have, and beat the Mets in seven games. Not very many other teams can say they've fared better against the Mets. Suppan and Weaver have been very, very good for the Cards this postseason, and the Redbird offense was very timely. But the offense has to shoulder some more of the workload against the Tigers, and I don't think that's possible at this point.

The Tigers on the other hand, worked with both cylinders chugging. They've only allowed more than 5 runs just twice in eight postseason games and only one of their wins was by less than three runs (one). The final win was a bit deceiving, as Ordonez had the walk-off three run homer. The Cards have lost twice when they have allowed less than three runs. This would mean that the Cardinals probably have to pull their offense up a notch more than the Tigers do. And I guess that won't happen. Detroit will celebrate their first World Series championship in 22 years.

Tigers in six.

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