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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cardinals win World Series, and Everyone's Favorite Little Guy MVP

Boy, I was SO wrong. The Tigers hardly scored anything. And on top of that, they committed 8 errors in the Series. Five of them were committed by the pitchers, a new and dubious record. :(

Congrats to the Cards, who rebounded from their tough season finish to slam the Padres and squeak past the Mets and then kick Tiger fanny. Look for naysayers to paint the Cardinals, with their 83-78 record, as the "worst World Series Champions." One could call them the worst World Series Champions nine ways to Sunday, but it doesn't take the "World Series Champions" out. If you go through three rounds of playoffs and come out on top, you're damn good.

But it was almost a forgone conclusion who would win the World Series MVP after Game 4, as the sportswriters in general had a public orgy writing about the diminutive, but oh so gritty, Cardinals shortstop David Eckstein. The great guys at Fire Joe Morgan can parody it better than I ever could.

Not to say he didn't deserve it. He did. But come on, we all saw it coming. ;)

Congratulations, St. Louis, your 10th World Series title was well-earned. But everyone else will be gunning for you! ;)

EDIT: I just realized something!! This means the media won't harp on the Case of the Pine-Tarred Hand! WHOO!!

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