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Monday, January 12, 2009

Braves Keep Bench Together, Sign Infante

IF-LF Omar Infante

Utilityman Omar Infante has signed a two-year extension with the Atlanta Braves with an option for a third year. Infante batted .293/.338/.416 with three home runs in 348 PAs. His 40 RBIs were the most in three years for him.

Due to injuries, Infante started in five different positions, including third base, left field, shortstop and second base. In 14 pinch-hit appearances, Infante had just two hits. He walked once and hit two sacrifice flies.

His primary job will be to fill in for Chipper Jones when he has his yearly injuries. He will most-likely continue to fill in for Yunel Escobar and Gregor Blanco as well.

This move really doesn't do anything more than keep the bench stable. There is value in that, however. It's a very good move.


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