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Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Peavy, At Least Not Yet

Braves GM Frank Wren said that he has ended trade talks with San Diego about Jake Peavy.

It's just as well.

The trade talks had gotten to the point where the Braves were offering a package of shortstop Yunel Escobar, minor league outfielder Gorkys Hernandez, either Charlie Morton or Jo-Jo Ryees, and minor-league pitcher Jeff Locke. Still, the rumors that said Peavy would reject any trade to Atlanta if Yunel Escobar was included and the Cubs offering a package centered around outfielder Felix Pie and pitcher Sean Marshall persisted.

It's pretty clear out of all the information available that the Braves offered the best package for Peavy. I can only speculate that Padres GM Kevin Towers was trying to force the issue and make Wren cave and give up either one of two prized prospects: pitcher Tommy Hanson and catcher Tyler Flowers.

Instead of pursuing Peavy (at least for now), Wren is going to try to sign a free agent pitcher, most likely either A. J. Burnett or Ryan Dempster.


JoshJones said...

To tell you the truth, I think the Braves will cave in and include Tommy Hanson in the deal. They just can not lose the opportunity to add a pitcher the quality of Peavy.

samthebravesfan said...

I seriously doubt that. Towers is the one on the hot seat here. He has to move Peavy because the owner demands it. John Moores is going through a divorce and payroll needs to be cut. Peavy has to be moved. If anything, it's Towers that has to give in to Wren. He'll take the package.

It's pretty clear that Hanson is in the plans for 2010. There is also the fact that Peavy's wacky delievery and recent arm problems spell trouble for the future. Let the Braves have to deal with that if it occurs (again).

JoshJones said...

Hmm, you might be right. I'm liking a package of Yunel, Gorkys Hernandez, Jeff Locke, and Jo-Jo Reyes now. By the way, there's no chance the Braves sign Burnett, he wants 5-years

samthebravesfan said...

Sure enough. They could afford to get into a little battle with the Mets over Derek Lowe, I think, but they can't go very far if they trade Escobar.